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Theophilus London Made Some Rose-Embroidered Slippers for Del Toro

We already knew Theophilus London had amazing style sense—but as it turns out, the Brooklyn musician's also got design chops. In his second footwear-focused collaboration to date (he worked with Cole Haan just last year), Theophilus created a rose-topped version of Miami-based brand Del Toro's signature velvet slipper. He's even stamped the heels with his LVRS signature. "I've always liked how a slipper can come off effortless and extremely stylish at the same time," Theophilus said in a press release.

But why a rose? Theophilus has always favored that particular flower, even naming his new mixtape Rose Island Vol. 1 (which you can download for free right here) after the famously romantic bloom. Aww, even rappers are softies at heart.

The dapper loafers are available for $360 at Deltoroshoes.com—and though intended for men, larger-footed ladies can (and should) get in on the action, too. Save me a pair of 9's, please!

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