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 You know we're all about the printed shorts at Lucky.

Cute and colorful, and they'll keep your hair in place without damaging it.

You'll want to wear this crop top in and outside of the gym.

They're like the little black dress of workout gear.

This sleek water bottle almost looks like something I'd display in my living room. Plus, each color represents a water-related cause that the brand gives back to.

Gym bags that don't look like you stole them from a high school kid on his way to football practice.

Get one of these in every color, and never wear your ratty old t-shirts from your college/high school days again.

Business in the front, party in the back.

A sports bra that's in on one of fall's biggest trends: jewel tones.

This tank top has a built-in sports bra that is actually supportive.

In lieu of wearing a bulky, black iPod armband, or accidentally shattering your iPod on the sidewalk mid-run.

This jacket looks way more expensive than it is.