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What to Wear in a Summer Thunderstorm

You may check the forecast every morning, carry an umbrella nearly everywhere (just in case), and think you've got Mother Nature's summer meteorology plans all figured out. But no matter how weather-savvy you may be, it’s always those times you’re least prepared when the summer thunderstorm decides to strike. You know, when you’re out to dinner in a white dress or you just ran outside to grab a coffee wearing those delicate floral sandals that cost a month's rent.

To prepare you for these unfortunate thunderstorm encounters, we found 10 items that will rain-proof your summer wardrobe. Keep your wellies in storage: when it’s 90 degrees out, there’s nothing you’ll want to wear less than those knee-high rubber heat-trappers.

If you have to carry an umbrella all summer, it might as well be one in a picnic-worthy print.

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