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Z Berg: Seven Days, Seven Outfits

Z Berg made a name for herself as a founding member of indie girl group The Like. Now, she's the sole female vocalist in rock quintet JJAMZ, where she plays alongside Phantom Planet's Alex Greenwald and Maroon 5's James Valentine (to name a few). JJAMZ's debut album Suicide Pact hits stores today.

Style-wise, Z Berg's got a thing for vintage hats, towering ankle boots and, lately, a classic red lip. Click through for a week's worth of the musician's style.



"This is one of my favorite dresses in the world. It's pattern is vintage motorcars. As I am apt to do, I lopped a good four feet off the hem."

Hat and dress, vintage; shoes, vintage Norma Kamali from Resurrection in L.A.; bag, Marc Jacobs.



"Yes, I am addicted to heart-shaped sunglasses. No, I'm not ashamed (OK, I'm a little ashamed). Pretty stoked that I can actually drive in these shoes, though. Juicy gave them to me when I DJ'd a party for them a while back. They're comfortable and I love them. I just got these shorts, and my bandmate Mike told me they looked like something Jean Harlow would wear on a boat. Thanks, Mike!"

Shirt, American Apparel; shorts, American Vintage; shoes, Juicy Couture; car, 1988 Mercedes 560SL convertible; bruises, my own.



"Don't worry, this wasn't my daytime outfit. I like to change as many times as possible during any given day. Why? Clearly because I'm CRAZY. Lover is one of my all-time favorite labels and the designers are possibly the nicest and coolest people I've ever met. These shoes are incredibly uncomfortable, but ya know what? I don't care. They look like skyscrapers and I want to eat ice cream out of them."

Dress, Lover; shoes, Alexander Wang.



"Have you noticed that I wear red lipstick every day yet? It's a new thing. I used to be a real smokey eye kinda girl, but I've traded it in for a red, red lip. MAC—it's the best. Also, I got tired of sweating all my goddamn eye makeup off during shows. But now my microphone is covered in red lipstick.  It's always something!"

Shirt and bra, American Apparel; skirt, Band of Outsiders; shoes, Charlotte Ronson; purse, vintage.



"Are you wondering why I'm in such an awkward pose? Me too. I think I was trying to illustrate how super cool the bell sleeves on this dress are. Instead I look slightly pained, I know. I got this dress from Shopspanishmoss.com, my favorite online clothing store. The girl who runs it has her own clothing label called American Gold, and it is also AWESOME. I'm wearing one of her dresses on the cover of our record!"

Dress, All That Remains; necklace, vintage; feet, all mine.



"Elkin is my number one. I 'modeled' for their first lookbook and they (the nicest girls ever) gave me so, so much stuff that it is the huge majority of what I wear. They make the most beautiful pieces. And yes, my heels are gold. Gold! Also from Shopspanishmoss.com."

Dress, Elkin; blouse and beret, American Apparel; shoes, Shakuhachi.



"Where do I begin? Number one: cool forest, right?? Two: this might be my favorite dress I own. I'm more of a little white dress kinda chick than a little black dress kinda chick. I played a show that night, after which someone told me this dress was really 'intimidating.' I take that as a compliment. The shoes are THE MOST comfortable high heels I have ever owned. When they break, I will be inconsolable. The purse is from Kate Spade's line of 'book clutches.'  Real conversation starters, let me tell you."

Dress, Elkin; shoes, Topshop; clutch, Kate Spade New York.

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