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"They taught me some of their games, like this game called 'coco,' which is kind of like duck-duck-goose and tag. It was actually really hard. It took me a while to get the hang of it. They were cracking up because I was so bad. It was like when in doubt, tag Debby because they know that they’re going to win."

"My favorite parts of my trip were when I was able to sit down with the kids and braid their hair and teach them 'patty-cake.' And a lot of them don’t have mirrors, so showing them what they look like for the first time on my iPhone was absolutely insane and beautiful."

"I actually got to live a day in the life of one of the local girls and she showed me her different chores. She showed me her goat and we fed it and she shook out her bedding and she sifted rice and we did all these things she does daily. Then, we walked, I think, a mile to the water pump and we had this jar that we filled up and carried back on our head."


"There was a point where I got grabbed by the wrists by these elder women and they pulled me into this back room and started tugging at my clothes and I emerged in a full sari, like a beautiful, traditional sari. It was the most amazing thing, just us being absolutely submerged in the culture."

"It’s never easy to have that fishbowl life. It’s never easy to know that if you have a bad hair day or if you decide to take a fashion risk or if you decide to do all of the things that are part of growing up, you very might well not live it down for two years."

"Before I got on the plane, I told my production crew and everyone, 'I do a sitcom, I do acting, and there’s a time for that but that’s not what this is. This is not going to be fake or staged or anything. This is genuinely me learning and sharing life. So, I’m going to do this.’ And I did it."