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Suri Cruise's 20 Best Outfits to Date

After five years of marriage, the celeb powerhouse couple commonly known as TomKat is officially splitting up. We're sorry these two stars couldn't make it work—but as Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's divorce proceedings begin and their custody battle takes hold, we're most concerned about the fate of their six-year-old daughter Suri.

Last Friday, shortly after the news of the couple's split hit the interwebs, we took a look back at some of TomKat's best red carpet moments. Now, we're turning the attention over to Suri, who—let's be honest—is probably the finest-attired member of the Cruise gang. Given her love of kitten heels, petite handbags and ruffled dresses, Suri's clearly got a penchant for dressing up. We wish her and her parents the best of luck in the difficult weeks to come.

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