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10 Things Your Kid Needs For School This Year

I can't believe there's only four weeks left before school starts. And I am not happy about it. Not happy at all. I have not had my fill of soft serve, outdoor concerts or rooftop cocktails. But I have had my fill of sundresses and flip-flops. And that's the tiny silver lining—fall clothes are always way more exciting than summer clothes. Tweeds, blazers, cords, cozy cableknit sweaters—bring it on! And my enthusiasm is in no way diminished when shopping for my little ones. If you ask me, any little girl outfit is improved with a pair of crazy-colorful tights. And any boy is going to look cooler all layered up, like he stepped out pf the fall Crew Cuts catalog. So, to that end, we bring you 10 fall pieces that you won't be able to resist buying your kid–one list for girls, one list for guys. Happy shopping!


1. A little bit of glitter.

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