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10 Tricks to Looking Taller

Dressing to look taller isn't a simple one-two punch of Aquanet-ing a three-inch Snooki-pouf and stepping into six-inch stilettos. Instead, lengthening a petite body type involves an entire conference of teams: necklines, hems, color palettes, print types, shoe shapes. They all affect how long and lean you look—even before you take heel height into account. (Good to know, because we can't all be Victoria Beckham and wear architectural Louboutins to the dentist, now can we?) Below, our favorite other ways (i.e., more reasonable ones) for smaller girls to step into the tall person's game:

Pair Neutral Shoes with Bare Legs

They don't even have to be heels! Either way, for the ideal effect, avoid ankle straps that interrupt the leg's line, and opt for linear, pointy-toes instead of stunted round ones. (And if you're tiring of putty-like beige or standard brown, opt for this dusty mud color instead. It's my favorite.)

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