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Wear High-Waisted Bottoms

To elongate your lower half, wear shorts and pants that start up on your natural waist instead of slinging them low on your hips. (Extra points for pant hems that just barely graze the floor, maximizing leg length without overwhelming them in fabric.)

Pair Neutral Shoes with Bare Legs

They don't even have to be heels! Either way, for the ideal effect, avoid ankle straps that interrupt the leg's line, and opt for linear, pointy-toes instead of stunted round ones. (And if you're tiring of putty-like beige or standard brown, opt for this dusty mud color instead. It's my favorite.)

Choose V-Neck Necklines

It'll help you channel all those actresses who seem tall but really just have swan-like necks (Audrey Hepburn, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman).

Coordinate Shoes with Pants Colors

Unlike with bare legs, wearing a neutral shoe with a dark pant won't do you any favors, so go for a matchy-matchy thing instead. (Again, peep toes and pointy-toes help continue the line of the leg better than a square or round toe.)

Scale Your Accessories to Your Size

Ditch giant statement necklaces, oversize clutches and chunky menswear watches in favor of accents that won't swallow your frame.

Stick with Smaller Prints

Avoid giant patterns that'll overwhelm a small figure. So instead of this season's Hawaiian tourist-y hibiscus flowers, pick Liberty prints and Laura Ashley-esque little florals. (Same goes with stripes, cartoon prints, etc.)

Make Monochrome Looks

It's not just dramatic and sorta Sophia Loren-y glamorous:  head-to-toe color also boosts your height by turning you into one long Crayola crayon.

Opt for Vertical Stripes, not Horizontal

This one's simple: vertical lines lengthen even the blockiest figure.

Pair Black Tights with Black Shoes

Just by adding matching tights, heel-averse girls can lengthen the look of their frames even when plodding around in flats.

Choose Column Dresses

For petite women, long dresses can work wonders—provided they're fitted and streamlined. (We like simple, solid colored Calvin Klein-y columns the best.)