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You're not even going to believe this one—it effectively drains your water weight, temporarily—anywhere you put it.

This 24 karat curler may seem like an insane purchase, but every makeup artist will tell you that it does make your eyes look more alert and awake.

Everyone that has ever used Rodin face oil will tell you that a few drops of it can do amazing things for your skin. I swear that when I sleep with it under my eyes I wake up without puffiness.

It's by no means the most expensive concealer on the market, but it is the very best at concealing both blemishes and eye circles.

Another trusted favorite—this bronzer is notorious for it's ability to work really well on every skin tone. It's not too orange, brown, pink or whatever other color you don't want it to be—it's simply the perfect glow.

If you're going to invest in a mascara, Dior Show is all the action you'd want with no clumping whatsoever.

You've heard it many times before (because it's true!), this is the best moisturizer. One thing you may not have known is that it also happens to be the best way to treat a sunburn.

Invest in a luxurious scrub—this one makes your skin feel soft for days afterwards and it's lovely to leave out in your bathroom.

Just dab this over blemishes, dry skin or any other troubling flaws and let it very quickly do its magic.

This new anti-aging cream does a great job at what these types of treatments should do best—protecting your skin from water loss.

I had heard rave reviews and now I'm one of the ravers—this product is hydrating and makes my skin feel smooth and look younger every single day. I hope they come out with a larger size, so that I can bathe in it.

Washing your face with oil may seem counterproductive—but that idea is wrong! Not only does it do a very excellent job of cleansing your skin but it prevents dryness in a major way.

There are plenty of masks out there, but none of them smooth your skin's tone this well (or smell this good).

Anti-frizz and beachy waves in one bottle.

Think of this as the best possible highlighter and eraser for your face.