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25 Conversation Pieces for Your Home

Beige sisal rugs and white duvet covers are sorta the blue jeans and black dresses of décor: totally necessary staples that are great and timeless and all things good, if a little boring in their basic-ness.

The home goods in the slideshow below, on the other hand, are anything but ordinary. They're the statements, the sort of thing you weren't sure about until one of your friends freaks over its amazing-ness.

Pop art throw pillows Liza Minelli would love, heirloom-y accents straight out of a Charles Dickens novel and shower curtains that might actually make you laugh, legitimately, out loud? Yeah, you're sure to get more that a few compliments—and queries—on those kinds of tchotchkes. Click through below to shop our current favorites.

Mount it near your closet and drape your necklaces and belts around it.

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