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Three New Workouts You Need To Try

Normally I focus on giving readers advice about what to wear and where to shop, but if you're like me, it's hard to wear all of those fun clothes confidently when you don't feel great from the inside-out. I used to be a competitive figure skater, but have been a lot less active since I quit to become a writer. Sitting at the computer all day takes a serious toll when you're used to moving around a lot.

I turned to many of the popular workout plans thinking they'd be the answer, but none of them were right for me until I found these three atypical workouts. When I have a free night after work, you can find me in one of these three spots unwinding from the day and finding my center. Just an FYI: none of these workouts will give you bulky thighs or arms—that's a promise.


Bari Studio

Bari—not to be confused with the bar method—is a cutting edge workout that combines several different types of movements used in martial arts, sports training, dance, yoga—you name it! Bari's technique sets out to reshape your body in the way that you want it to look—in a way that other workouts simply can't do.

23 Leonard St, NYC, 212-966-2274


SLT Yoga

Even though the classes are challenging, beginners (like myself) are welcome at SLT Yoga, New York’s first music-focused yoga studio. A session at SLT is perfect for non-yogis, because there’s no forced chanting or awkward mid-class guitar solos. It’s music that you’d want to listen to any time and the vibe is more akin to a workout class than a spiritual journey. Not that there’s anything wrong with spiritual journeys, if that’s your journey.

SLT Yoga, 37 West 57th Street, NYC, 212-355-1737


Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful is a workout that targets your ballet muscles— inner/outer thighs and your center. All you need is one fitness mat and a lot of motivation. My favorite workout sequence is called "the whole body blast," which uses ballet-inspired moves that any non-ballerina could pick up in an instant. Your muscles will burn and you'll see the results really quickly.


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