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34 Stylish Music Girls You Don't Know…Yet

Discovering the next big music star is no simple task. It involves countless hours spent watching YouTube videos, daily stalking sessions of the best music blogs and, of course, trekking out to shows more often than you can afford. Being a music snob is a full time hobby-turned-job. But for all of you music enthusiasts out there not quite willing to do the work, we rounded up the 34 best (and most stylish, of course) new musicians worthy of a spot in your iTunes.

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Anna Haas

Sound: On her debut album Crazy Is, Haas’s jazzy vocals play off  heavy, soulful piano, ripping guitar solos, ambient synthesizers, bluesy pedal steel, funky horns and captivating strings, resulting in a symphony of sounds.

Style: Fiery red hair is Haas's signature and works perfectly with her sassy vintage look and Victorian-meets-roaring twenties style.

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