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Instantly dress up even the ricketiest of Ikea bookshelves.

Stash the standard issue, blocky pale wood desk in storage and work from this sleek, compact station instead.

For the Charlotte York-loving roommate.

Might even make writing your to-do lists a little bit fun.

The grown-up, Jonathan Adler-y alternative to the bean bag chair.

Most school fire codes don't exactly allow candles, so opt for pretty diffusers instead.

A little something to aspire to, so you don't get caught in a wave of North Face fleeces and Ugg boots.

The most important TV Night accessory.

The best (or at least most creative) way to leave passive aggressive notes for your roommate.

Give your bed a hint of prep, instead of a total pink & green Lilly Pullitzer-palooza.

Mix and match it with some contrasting polka dots or stripes, and your whole room will look pulled-together.

A lot cheaper than study abroad.

Even if your morning routine involves shower sandals and group bathrooms, this little gadget will help you start your day off fancy.

For the girl who'd feel right at home living in an Anthropologie store.

Truthfully, it's always the first thing I buy when I move into a new place.

Hang it outside your door and let your hall mates and friends leave you actual handwritten messages. (It's way more fun than texting.)

Leave your nightlight at home and pack this glow in the dark clock instead.

So your roommate can never "accidentally" grab your clean towel when she'll all out of hers.

Makes other desk chairs look corporate and frumpy.

Doubles as pretty bookshelf flair and a fancy hacky sack.

Wall art for the girl who lives in loafers and tears through Jane Austen faster than an Us Weekly.

Make a shrine to the cuisine you'll probably be eating with alarming regularity.

If you're lucky enough to have your own bathroom, make it pretty.

Slide it under your bed until you have eight girls over drinking white wine on your floor.

If only real wallpaper were this cheap and easy.


So you'll never have to text your roommate "WHERE'S THE REMOTE" again.

Those legs fold up, so it basically takes up as much space as a cutting board.

So you can constantly rearrange your photos and notes without having to make nine million push pin holes in the wall.

Way chicer than Febreeze.

Perfectly paper-thin, for all those nights when the dorm A/C is tortuously weak.

Arrange them in an asymmetrical cluster, and they're decor and organization in one.

College pets deserve a nice home, too.

Until I'm just naturally organized, I need this.

For those rooms that are so small they can't even fit a 3D bookshelf.

Completely necessary for the inevitable times you'll go to bed with no clue where you put your iPhone.

Drown out your roommate's weird snore thing.

A few of them will fancify any white sheet/white duvet cover combo.

Might make taking the trash out a little more appealing (a little).

Pay it a teeny bit of TLC and it'll make your desk look polished for the whole semester.

For those who refuse to sleep without cave-like blackout shades.

Bright and cheery, with just the right amount of detail.

Way cooler than a Wii.

Buy a dozen and never worry about having weirdly clashed frames.

For all those belts and bags and scarves that need somewhere else to go than that pile on the floor.

Perfectly retro, and costs less than lip gloss.

Turn those narrow nooks into useful storage space.

Use it as a catch-all for keys, highlighters, student IDs, etc.

For the minimalist girl to put next to her desktop Zen rock garden.

Immediately energizes even the most dungeon-like dorm room.