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Adidas Originals & Nicki Minaj Video at La Esquina in New York

The second Nicki Minaj Adidas Originals video hits close to home—literally. It was shot at our favorite place in New York. Nicki does her thing on the corner of Kenmare and Lafayette right outside of famed taco spot La Esquina (where we've had many a team brainstorm meeting over margaritas). It's steps away from some of our favorite stores, including American Two Shot, Odin, Resurrection and Black Denim. We know you rep Queens pretty hard, Nicki, so thanks for repping our favorite block to shop!

Watch the video for her song "Masquerade" off of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. And don't forget to spot the Adidas Originals shell-toe sneaker because it's really DOPE.

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