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Agyness Deyn On Dr. Martens, Modeling and Her Favorite London Girl

The following is a guest post from our friends at Fab Sugar.

With a résumé that includes top catwalker, actor, and now fashion designer for Dr. Martens, it's safe to say Agyness Deyn has come a long way since her first modeling debut in '94. "Dr. Martens have been ingrained in my life," said the English beauty, recalling stomping the grounds in her thick-soled Dr. Martens boots as an adolescent, then progressing later on as she became the face of the campaign ads in recent years.

Agyness's debut Dr. Martens collection, dropping in stores and online beginning Aug. 15, features a wide range of cool-girl clothing featuring plaid jumpsuits, bright quilted jackets, and sweet daisy (Agyness's favorite flower) print dresses. For accessories, Agyness stayed true to the brand's iconic thick-soled shoes, but this time, remixed the formula in sexy patent leather and thigh-high silhouettes. We also love Agyness's colorful array of heart-shaped leather bags.

Read on to see what Agyness had to say about her Dr. Martens collection, then click the slideshow to see the complete ad campaign and every piece from her new line.

FabSugar: What kind of girl to do picture wearing your Dr. Martens collection?
Agynes Deyn:
Someone up for experimenting. Those thigh-high boots [in the collection] are so great because they are so sexy, but also have a hard edge. That's what I like about the collection; it has a very sexy vibe but not too provocative. You can wear it un-buttoned or however you want; it's not too much like t*ts and ass. It's subtle.

FS: Do you have a favorite when it comes to modeling, acting, or designing?
I never really know until it arrives, really. It depends on the project. My aim in life is to work without feeling like I am working. Also, working with people that also like to have fun.

FS: What do you like to do when you're not designing, modeling, or acting?
I like jumping around! I also like to swim a lot and being on beach and sea.

FS: Who do you think is the quintessential London girl?
Pixie Geldof. She is London, I love her. She's not serious, she likes to have fun, she's just like whatever.

Please visit Fabsugar.com to see the complete Agyness Deyn x Dr. Martens collection and accompanying campaign.