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Ask An Expert: Can I Pull Off Purple Hair?

Pink hair definitely had its moment in pop culture (and on my own head), but it seems like everyone (and by everyone I mean Katy Perry and Lady Gaga) is moving on to purple. Purple is even bolder than pink, so we asked Nikki Ferrara, the color director at Sally Hershberger Salon to give us a few pointers.

"As an all over color I like the more lavender, pastel purples," she says "If you want a more bold shocking purple, the look would be better if it was a piece or two in a strategic area (at the part or underneath). It could also look nice if the hair was dip dyed in bold purple—but it would have to be the last inch or two of your hair in order for it not to be too over powering."

Try it at home with Rusk Scream Purple Passion Vibrant Semi-Permanent Gel Color or call 212-206-8700 to make an appointment with Nikki.

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