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Bari Studio: What a Workout

I don't know how he did it, but Bari creator Brice Hall found a way to make working out fun. It's almost TOO much fun. Between the music, the dance sequences and the portion of the session where you’re bouncing on a trampoline—there's very little time to be concerned with how much pain you might be in.

The Creator of Bari has trained some pretty physically fit celebs, like Madonna and Gwenyth Paltrow. (He created a cage filled with resistance bands that Madonna would bring with her on tour!) After trying this workout myself, I'm not at all surprised that the body-conscious turn to Brice for help. Bari is different from anything else I've tested. "The idea, workout, and experience has built upon itself over the past years," he says. "I’ve always wanted to create the best workout in the world, and the pressure of high profile clients like supermodels, professional athletes, celebrities and billionaires didn’t leave me with a choice but to create the most effective, most enjoyable experience that still delivers the best results in the shortest period of time."

According to Brice, even if you're unable to try Bari, there are ways to use these ideas in your own workout. "You should constantly be adding variables to your exercise routine. Imagine if you read the same book every day. You may be able to read it faster each day, but you aren't going to get anything new out of it," he says. "Spinning is similar, if you spin every day, you might be able to spin a little faster each day, but that's all you’re going to get out of it. Spinning, or any routine or class where you're repeating the same movements every day is incomplete. You have to take more of a comprehensive approach to fitness—working to improve strength, cardio-respiratory endurance, balance, flexibility, stamina, agility, power, speed, accuracy of movements, and coordination. We constantly hear from clients who were operating under the assumption that they were “stuck” with their body types until they discovered Bari and finally saw their bodies completely reshape." Which reminds me, it's probably time to get back into the Bari studio.

I also asked Brice what sort of diet he recommends. "Just like exercise, nutrition should be looked at on an individual basis. What makes one person feel energized may make another person feel drowsy, so find out how different foods affect you and eat what makes you feel the best," he says. "We’re big on vegetables at Bari, so green juices, produce-packed BariPOPS and delicious, plant-based whole foods are in heavy rotation."

I happen to like dancing, bouncing around and eating vegetables way more than the average person, so if you aren’t used to super high-energy cardio you might want to spend a week or two prepping your body before diving right in. This workout is INTENSE. I had dinner with my boss right after and she couldn’t help but notice that I was on a very obvious adrenaline high. (I wrote an email apologizing to our dinner guests for being so high-energy).

And if you're not local and can't attend class, here's what Brice says to do: "Move every day and exercise on a regular schedule, but choose from different exercises, constantly changing it up. Not only do you get bored when doing the same exercises, but so doesn’t your body. You’ll stop seeing results. We also feature mini workout segments on BariTV."

You can expect to see Bari DVDs coming out this year, which means I may have to invest in a mini trampoline. It's not mandatory, but if there's anything Bari has taught me, it's to go the extra mile!

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