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Brandon Holley's Advice For Interns, Questionable Fashion Words and More From Around the Web

A peek inside our editor-in-chief Brandon Holley's recently made-over office and the scoop on what happens inside it. [Fashionista]

More from our fearless leader: Brandon and one of our interns share their best advice for students seeking summer publishing jobs. [The Tory Blog]

Worried about getting your new flats muddy during a rainy outdoors concert? "Festival feet"—big plastic shoe covers that look like a cross between Chuck Taylors and insane asylum booties—will keep your shoes safe and dry. Would you try them? [MTV]

Included in the Oxford dictionary's 2012 additions is the term "vajazzle." Don't know what that means? Now you know where to look it up. [The Huffington Post]

And while we're speaking of ridiculous words, here's a couple that Tyra Banks made up on the fly. [The Cut]

Helmut Lang will begin featuring a series of guest bloggers—starting with posts from Phil Oh of Street Peeper and Style Bubble's Susanna Lau—on Helmutlang.com and Helmutlangjournal.com. [WWD]

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around the web