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Chanel-like, Tweed-y Skirt Suits You Need Right Now

After Karl Lagerfeld released a book about it and even staged a museum exhibit honoring it earlier this summer, the Chanel tweed jacket bubbled back up, becoming a trend in its own right (or, as much as a classic can be a trend). Right now, it's almost impossible to walk into a Zara or H&M without coming across some iteration of it, or sit in a bar without seeing a girl wearing either last week's Topshop version or, occasionally, last decade's Chanel one.

Most often, those girls pair their tweed jackets with grittier pieces underneath: a threadbare white tank with a peek of lacy bra, Kate Moss-y leather leggings, scuffed, hole-y denim or mud-splashed Supergas. Those tweed jackets mix a bit of matriarch into otherwise "I'm with the band" sort of outfits, and everyone seems to love that. (Me included.)

For fall, I'm embracing the tweed jacket's resurgence in a slightly different way—less dilluted, more literal—in order to give its revival a second generation, too. Instead of sticking to the smudged eyeliner, Alice Dellal mix-and-match template, I'm looking for matchy-matchy tweed skirt suits like the ones below.

Worn together, the skirt and jacket combos take nostalgic, throwback tweed one notch further. I love that, just like I love knowing I can still split them into separates for versatile fall outfits, too. (And that the yellow one has my Clueless Halloween costume covered: just add a brick-sized cell phone, white knee socks and scrunchie.)

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