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Am I crazy for wanting them all?

It's the pet you never had.

Yes, it's see-through. But it's also the perfect shade of purple.

I'd keep my school or work assignments in here to make the "dog ate my homework" story believable.

All the magic of a refrigerator Picasso.

This purse is a top hat and a pair of sunglasses away from being Cousin It from the Addams Family.

I just want to feed it some bamboo.

Fancy shopper.

This one screams "FIERCE!" ...Or "Leave me alone!" Either way, you'll look amazing.

Clutch royalty.

Shouldn't every week be shark week?

I was going to spend all of my money, but then I got distracted by this tasty burger.

The best way to look at things.

Here, pursey pursey pursey!

Super size it.

Gone fishing.

You've got (a) mail (purse).

Fluffy on the outside, flower power on the inside.

It's so.... everything.

Cowgirl diva.

This clutch is so dark.

And weeeee'llllll keep on shoppinggggg 'til the end.

You'll never lose it.

The definition of tropical.