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Dannijo x Matt Bernson Design Footwear For Fall

Fans of Dannijo's über-statement jewels and those who wear Matt Bernson's rugged, relaxed shoes might have pretty different styles. But they'll both love the brand's footwear collaboration. Set to debut on September 2, the partnership combines the best of both label's aesthetics.

"DJ X MB styles will attract a customer beyond our everyday market," the Tribeca-based shoe designer said of his team-up with sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder. "They are bold and have a glamorous fashion feel that differs from my usual subdued tones that appeal to our 'downtown meets the beach' girl. But my customers will also love them and it will definitely capture a consumer we have never gone after before."

We tracked down the trio to learn more about the limited edition line and what it was like working together. Read on to get the full scoop.

Lucky: Danielle and Jodie, how was the design process of shoes different from creating jewelry? Is this something you may pursue further?
Danielle: It's actually a very similar creative process. We started off by focusing on a tight range of silhouettes that every working woman should have in her closet: A pair of fun heels, biker boots and mary janes that take you from day into night. We've always loved shoes and saw this collaboration as a great opportunity to test the waters. We definitely plan on expanding into shoes down the road.

Tell me a little about each of your styles. How they are different for each other and how do they influence your designs?
Danielle: I tend to be a bit more bohemian and rock and roll inspired. Jodie has more of a classic sensibility. Over the years we've spent so much time together that we've really rubbed off on each other's aesthetics. When it comes to design, our eclectic taste makes for a really dynamic and wearable collection.

Lucky: And Matt, what was it like collaborating with Dannijo—did it change your creative process?
They brought a very profound knowledge of fashion and fashion history. They have a wide range of inspirations that overlap with my sensibility in addition to introducing a fresh perspective. Danielle and Jodie had a lot of ideas and a lot of passion. They also have very high standards and demand the best quality and execution which is something that I appreciate as it makes for the best results. It changed my usual creative process because I am so accustomed to having the final word and with this we had to come to a conclusion together and I think it was a fun process and the results speak to the ease of the process.

Lucky: What was the inspiration for the collection?
The idea was to take the Dannijo sensibility and translate that into shoes. Dannijo jewelry was the big-picture inspiration but we wanted to execute the aesthetic in a unique way, beyond adorning shoes with jewels. We wanted to translate the vibe into shoes that were cool and interesting. The final product is best described as witty, urbane and charming.

Lucky: So...a girl has packed your entire line for her vacation—where is she going and what is she doing there?
She's off to London for some design inspiration and partying! By day she scavenges her favorite vintage shops in her motorcycle boots and cut offs. By night she hits the pubs and her favorite restaurants in her effortlessly chic low heel, worn-denim mary janes. She saves her cut-out Zeppelins for her late nights out. They're the perfect mix of going-out sexy, but comfortable enough heels to where she can spend most of her night on the dance floor. [editors note: We want to be friends with this imaginary girl. Don't you?]

Lucky: What two Dannijo pieces would you recommend wearing with your footwear and why?
The Joanna Bib ($745, buy it here) in gunmetal to go with the rocker Zeppelins and motorcycle boots.
Jodie: And the Fielding necklace ($568, buy it here). To wear with the denim mary janes for an effortlessly bohemian vibe.

The Dannijo x Matt Bernson range will be available on both designer's websites, Shopbop.com and at Matt Berson's Tribeca flagship starting September 2. Click through the slideshow below to preview it all now.