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Downton Abbey's Season 3 Trailer: Shop It Out

Are you as ridiculously pumped for the third season of Downton Abbey as we are? Well, although the critically acclaimed, fashion industry-adored period drama doesn't actually return until next January, some awesome person from across the pond just shared the UK-exclusive trailer online. Needless to say, we've already watched it about 10 times.

So what's up at Downton these days? Lord Grantham's apparently on the verge of bankruptcy, Bates is locked away in jail, Mary and Matthew are in the throes of their first post-engagement quarrel and—get ready—Shirley MacLaine's in the house! The screen legend will be playing Lady Grantham's mother this season—but there's only room for one super-sized, feather-trimmed hat at Downton, and we're pretty sure it belongs to Dame Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess.

Sartorially speaking, our favorite estate's now firmly in the Roaring Twenties—meaning we'll be seeing lots of cloches, flapper fringe, kitten heels and beaded lavalieres this season. Get a head start on dressing the part by shopping our Jazz Era-inspired picks in the slideshow.

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