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Eight Things to Buy From the Scoop Warehouse Sale

Following Barneys' lead, Scoop—the NYC-based boutique stocked with casual, weekend-y pieces like printed Tucker blouses and flared MiH jeans—is moving its semiannual warehouse sale online, too. While the sale's discounts run as deep as 85 percent off, the range doesn't cover quite as much ground, hovering in swimwear, denim cutoffs and other essentials of the bug spray, frozen cocktails and SPF 50 season.

Still, we wouldn't shy away from buying those pieces just because we're on the heels of fall. By now it's undoubtedly obvious which summer staples are missing in your May-September wardrobe (the ubiquitously versatile white dress or an amazingly flattering one-piece, perhaps)—so why not fill those holes over Labor Day weekend for a fraction of what you would've paid around Memorial Day?

With that in mind, we've not only rounded up a few of our favorite pieces from the Scoop warehouse sale but also done the math to help you shop it smarter. (Since the sale's extra 50 percent off doesn't factor in until you hit the checkout button, we adjusted each item's listed price so you can budget yourself better.)

While summer-slanted, each of these pieces could easily tranistion into fall with a little ingenuity. Whether that means topping white jeans with a chunky knit sweater or sliding opaque tights underneath a printed skirt is up to you, but thanks to the sale's discounts, you'll probably have enough cash left over to buy those fall staples, too.

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