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H&M Is Introducing Home Décor Early Next Year

Watch out, IKEA—there's a new affordable Swedish home goods store in town. Starting in early 2013, American shoppers will be able to redecorate their apartments, dorms and houses with H&M Home—a collection that's been available in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria since 2009 and in the U.K. since 2010, according to WWD.

Just like H&M's inexpensive, on-trend clothing and accessories, the company's home décor line is runway-inspired and turns over at an impressively quick rate, with new items introduced every two weeks and entirely new collections rolled out three times per season.

And while the notion of filling your home with furnishings and linens from a fast-fashion brand might sound odd, we checked out H&M Home's European website this morning to see the goods up for grabs. In addition to being affordable, they're actually really, really cute. Click through to preview the prices and pieces H&M Home has in store.

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