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If This Bag Were a Person: YSL Edition

If this bag were a person, wouldn't you tell it to lighten up a little bit? I mean, it looks so stuffy with its blouse buttoned all the way up like that. Isn't it warm? Doesn't it feel claustrophobic? Either way, this bag could stand to let its hair down and feel the cool wind on its face with the top of the Mustang rolled down. (Do people still drive Mustangs? Never mind.)

But regardless of the conservative nature of this bag, it sure is enviable. Moving from classic to modern to trendy in one swoop, the lizard-effect navy leather with sturdy gold hardware has that sort of ability to blend into whatever situation you might find yourself. Sly. Sneaky. So in that way, wouldn't this bag kind of be like a secret shopper? Literally and figuratively?

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