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J.Crew Unveils 'We Know You're Out There' Campaign

I don't go to J.Crew to buy basic buttondowns and jeans. I mean, I might pick up those staples while I'm there, but the reason I step into the store in the first place is to shop for something different: luxury pieces, like their printed silk trousers, little leather satchels and cashmere sweaters.

And that's why the brand's new "We Know You're Out There" campaign speaks so articulately and directly to me (and any of my friends who share the same strategy, which is, like, all of them). Focusing on the J.Crew's higher-end items specifically, the campaign features fashion industry insiders as models, like Linda Rodin (the founder of Rodin beauty products) and Caroline Issa (fashion director of Tank magazine and Garance Doré BFF).

But what we really love are the slogans, which describe a thoughtful, sorta old school girl (she writes handwritten notes! she reads real books, not just Kindle!) in pithy little maxims that flip words inside out.

Doing so not only makes me smirk, it also emphasizes the craftsmanship behind those shoes, handbags and Italian cashmere—since surely a customer that discerning only buys refined, polish pieces to match. Click through below to see all the images (and, of course, read the captions).

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