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Jennifer Aniston's Perfect Wedding Dress Might Already Be In Her Closet

Between her flawless hair, age-defying physique and starring on The Best TV Show Ever Created*, Jennifer Aniston is undoubtedly America's #1 Sweetheart. She's also super-consistent when it comes to her red carpet fashion choices, perpetually picking simple but sexy looks in either black or white.

Now that Jen's engaged to Justin Theroux, we're sure she'll start (excitedly) stressing out over wedding details—and we'll obviously be keeping our ears to the ground for details. But if there's one thing Aniston shouldn't break a sweat about, it's her wedding dress—because she's a bona fide pro when it comes to wearing white. Want proof? Click through to see some of the star's best white, ivory and cream-colored looks of all time, many of which are wedding-ready. I mean, Jen would never repeat outfits like that—but it's nice to know she could.

*Friends—as if we had to tell you that.

Even back in her early Friends days, the girl otherwise known as Rachel Green favored simple white slipdresses. Meanwhile, Lisa Kudrow—in true Phoebe Buffay form—lived a little more colorfully.


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