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Jessica Alba's Favorite Bracelet, How to Wear Fall Trends Now and Other Things We're Talking About This Week

1. Shark week is, sadly, almost over. Don't let it pass without paying those carnivorous fish their proper due. Here's some fang and fin-covered clothes to get you started.

2. Ten sneaky ways for petite people to look taller than they actually are. (Wearing big heels isn't one of them.)

3. Find out what piece of under $55 jewelry Jessica Alba loves so much that she's worn it 12 times already this summer—and where you can buy one for yourself.

4. Waist-whittling body spray, a concealer that hides EVERYTHING and other pricey beauty products worth the splurge.

5. Don't let the steamy late summer weather prevent you from trying fall's best trends. Here's how to give them a test run without (literally!) breaking a sweat.

6. Brush up on your knowledge of all things stylish with one of these 50 books for the fashion-obsessed.

7. Bad news: Season 3 of Downton Abbey doesn't hit American airwaves for another six months. Good news: Here's the (kinda sorta bootleg) trailer and shoppable items inspired by the featured characters' outfits.

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