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Josh Brolin Smokes, Squeeze-Breezes and Strums a Banjo for Band of Outsiders

With memorable roles in True Grit, Milk, No Country for Old Men and, of course, The Goonies, Josh Brolin's an undeniably awesome actor. And now, Diane Lane's hubby has majorly upped his fashion cred—he's the star of Band of Outsiders' latest Polaroid lookbook.

For the shoot, which took place at Los Angeles' Sunset Ranch Hollywood, the big-screen star went all Wild West on us, posing with everything from hobbyhorses to, well, actual horses. He also plays around with a set of tiny plastic cowboys and Indians, tries on a variety of hats (cowboy hat = good, suede floppy topper = notsogood) and wears some smart Scott Sternberg-designed denim.

Click through to see all the snapshots in their rough 'n' tumble glory.

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