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Kanye Kleans Out Kim's Kloset: How Much Does Your Dude Influence Your Wardrobe?

Back in the day—er, the mid-aughts—pop culture supernova Kim Kardashian was just a fashion-loving L.A. girl who organized closets for a living. If you don't believe us, click here. But nearly a decade later, and with the world's most famous (and arguably stylish) rapper on her arm, it seems Kimmy has chosen to outsource her own wardrobe overhaul.

Check out this clip from an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in which Kim taps Kanye to clean out her enviable closet—which isn't really a closet at all, of course, but a studio apartment-sized space stuffed to the brim with designer outfits and accessories. "Is it so bad to keep things?" she asks. According to Ye, if "things" includes a patent-and-shearling tote the approximate size of a dog carrier, then the answer is yes.

Of course, the scene makes us wonder how much influence a guy actually can and should have on your style. In Kimye's case, it seems the star pair have begun dressing remarkably alike since they first got together—lots of black and grey tones, luxe fur, fabulous sneakers, etc. What do you think? Would you trust the guy in your life to wipe out much of your own wardrobe at will?

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