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Kate Middleton and the Return of 'Posh' Fashion, Plus More From Around the Web

Kate Middleton's classic fashion sense is causing UK designers to design more "posh" clothes. [Telegraph]

Old Navy's new commercials star members of the original cast from Beverly Hills 90210, reprising their roles from the hit '90s drama. The ads feature Kelly in a love triangle with Brandon and Dylan, and Andrea hopelessly in love with Brandon. Obviously, Brenda is still in Paris. [Fashionista]

After launching a clothing line earlier this year, The OC actress Mischa Barton has opened a boutique in the trendy London borough of Spitalfields to showcase her designs. [Vogue UK]

Makeup brand Bobbi Brown is following Marc New York's lead with an eye shadow collection inspired by 50 Shades of Grey. But the palette actually has, um, six–not 50–different metallic shades. [Racked]

Scientific studies reveal that eating chocolate can help you lose weight, so all those late night Godiva binges actually mean you're being extremely health-conscious. [Refinery29]

Today would have been Whitney Houston's 49th birthday. We will always love you, Whit. [E! Online]

If a gold mockingjay pin and District 12 lightbulb aren't enough to satisfy your Hunger Games obsession, here are a few ways to legitimately dress like Katniss, Effie and all those other Capitol fashionistas. [The Gloss]

Photo: WWD/Steve Eichner

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