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Katie and Suri Should Model For J.Crew, $250,000 Nail Polish and More From Around the Web

Fine jewelry company Azature has created a nail polish made from black diamonds that costs $250,000 per bottle. So yeah, we're guessing most nail salons won't have this one—not even Ten Over Ten. [Style Bistro]

After abstaining from UV rays for a month, "Tanning Mom" Patricia Krentcil, debuts a new (and still very bronzed) look. Although most people prefer her lighter skin, the New Jersey mom doesn't. "I feel weird and pale," she says. [In Touch]

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are NOT the new faces of J.Crew but everyone wants them to be. (Including us!) [Fashionista]

Want to know which '90s Nickelodeon character you are? This handy info-graphic reveals your alter ego in under five minutes. [Vulture]

Really extreme shoes that it takes some serious dedication (and lots of practice!) to wear. [Refinery29]

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around the web