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Shop It: Kids Clothes for Small Grown-Ups

Oscar de la Renta's newish kidswear line doesn't run larger than girls' size 12, and I think it's for a reason that has more to do with moms than middle schoolers. Curbing his children's wear at 12, instead of 14 or 16, silences one of the sneakiest weapons in the arsenal of petite and slim women: shopping designer kids clothes for themselves.

It might might sound odd a first, but it makes total sense—girls' sizes 14 and 16 can often fit 2 or 4-sized women; and while they share the same aesthetic as adult-sized counterparts, their prices are way more affordable. (The same goes for boys-sized blazers and sweaters, if you're looking for a slightly-boxy but cropped fit.)

It's all nice to know if you're an adult shaped more like Kiernan Shipka than Kate Upton, but, perhaps, annoying if you're a designer who wants to sell your fancy adult clothes to fancy women. And not see five-foot-nine Carla Bruni-Sarkozy wearing a bandleader jacket you designed for little kids (Stella McCartney) instead of one of your runway pieces.

But with clothes to pilfer from the pre-teen set that are this polished or adorably preppy, it's hard to blame small grown-ups for shopping the kidswear market. (Oh, and saving on the usual hemming and tailoring fees in the process. That too.)

Don't bother drying it on high heat: it's perfectly shrunken already.

Largest Size Available: Girls XXL (33-inch chest, 29-inch sleeves)

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