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what she was wearing

"I love juxtaposition in fashion. It interests me when you put on extremely lady-like dress and daggers for earrings or a really dark, edgy outfit and super super ladylike shoes. And I like balancing it with hair and makeup as well."

on capes

"Capes in-and-of themselves excite me because they're such a unique version of the coat, and just different enough, but you also don’t look like a freak. I don’t like freaky chances in clothing, but I love capes."

on big bags

"I love that big bags are coming back because I like to dump the kitchen sink in there because I never know when I’m going to need.  Take Bananagrams, which I carry around in my purse because it’s the greatest game on earth, I really can’t carry it in a little dinky ladylike bag."

her favorite brands

"I love Rebecca Taylor, Jenni Kayne, A.L.C. and ACNE."

her must-have beauty products

"I’m obsessed with Jao hand sanitizer, it’s like a lavender smelling hand sanitizer. It is so so so so so so yummy. I really like the Neutragena Naturals face wash, I love it because there’s like nothing chemical in it. And they have a brush called the Wave, which is kind of like the Clairsonic one, it’s awesome. It’s just the right amount of exfoliation."