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Kristen Stewart vs. Ryan Lochte: Who Wore Their Entirely-Too-Small Top Better?

Remember that time in college when you laundered all your cotton basics on the hot setting, then realized they'd shrunken down to Chihuahua-esque proportions? Well, if Kristen Stewart and Ryan Lochte's most recent outfits are any indication, it seems itty-bitty tops might just be the hot new thing.

Olympic heartthrob Ryan spent this past weekend celebrating his birthday (belatedly) in Las Vegas, and at some point during the festivities, he slipped into some rather patriotic boardshorts and a suspiciously tight-fitting "Rock the Vote" tank. As if you couldn't guess, the Junk Food Clothing top in question is actually meant for women—but, since Ryan often wears hot pink Speedos of his own design, we're thinking he doesn't really discriminate.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Kristen Stewart finally emerged from her post-cheating-scandal hibernation in an even tinier top—which you can see here, as we aren't permitted to run the images on our site. She stepped out in a cropped tee, backwards cap and sunglasses, perhaps in an attempt to balance out those exposed abs by covering up as much of her face as possible.

We're tempted to give the edge to Ryan here, because at least he's promoting a worthy cause with his neon lady shirt. K.Stew, on the other hand, just looks like a sad skateboarder. But who do you think wins this round? And more importantly, are you tempted to go shrink all your own tees and tanks now?

Photo: right, via Refinery29; left, WWD/Steve Eichner

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