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LSC Links: Dramatic Florals and Chocolate Mousse

A few links from the Lucky Style Collective that have us clicking around:

Grace gives her readers a bit of lip service, rounding up all the pucker-stamped fashion available to shop right now. [Stripes and Sequins]

Chesley channels The Secret Garden, but is anything but hidden in her bright floral dress and edgy accessories. [Smile for Style]

Instead of building a wardrobe for next season, Lara is filling her fall wish list with lipsticks, glosses and gels. [the glossarie]

This recipe for instant chocolate mousse means you can have an amazing dessert literally whenever you want. Thank goodness swimsuit season is almost over. [camo meets couture]

Nikki wants to go back to the '70s with her fall look. [My Style Diaries]

Lauren offers three simple tips on how to avoid making a regrettable fashion purchase: focus, fear and a spotter. [My Closet in Sketches]

Photo: via Smile for Style

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