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Which dress to choose?! The dress to the left is like an homage to summer, while the dress to the right can be worn through the fall with black tights and a blazer. I think both will have to come with me...
I imagine that the majority of people in the crowd will be wearing neon Wayfarers. Not I!
A music festival staple.
I have sensitive and very fair skin. This sunscreen has kept me burn-free all summer long. This weekend, this bottle will be my best friend.
Cute and functional. It's not easy to keep track of all of your stuff for the duration of an all-day festival, and I refuse to buy a fanny pack.
The Miu Miu glitter sneakers are the coolest—but I don't know if I could handle people stepping on them in the crowd without having a heart attack. For now, I think I'll stick with my handy Chucks. They've been through a lot (mud, impromptu mosh pits, etc.) with me—and are still kicking.