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Lady Gaga Goes Brunette, Miranda Kerr in a Yellow Santa Suit and More From Around the Web

As both an homage to Elizabeth Taylor and an effort to lose weight, one writer tries the late actress' famously unorthodox diet. This leads to many perilous meals including steak with peanut butter, Hershey's syrup vodka and mushy mint potatoes. Um, we'd rather emulate the star by accepting diamonds from very handsome men, thank you very much. [The Cut]

Miranda Kerr stars in a Lipton iced tea commercial dressed in a yellow Santa suit, singing in Japanese. You might think it's dubbed at first, but there's another video—of the model mastering her lines—to prove you wrong! [Telegraph]

Chatter about Miley Cyrus' choppy blonde pixie cut has eclipsed by Lady Gaga's new chestnut-hued hair. The pop star, who announced the drastic change via Twitter, has been referring to the color intermittently as "progressive brunette" and "Louis Vuitton brown." [E!]

Karl Lagerfeld's beloved cat and latest muse, Choupette, turned one this week. Will the famous feline's fashion career continue to blossom, or is she just a passing fad? [Fashionista]

German fast-fashion chain C&A is planning to launch a collection with Cindy Crawford in Europe this fall. There's been no mention of the pieces being sold in the United States, but hopefully that will change. C'mon Cindy—don't we deserve more than just affordable couches and armchairs? [WWD]

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