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Let's Make It a Trend: Porcupine Jewelry

Like most of you I'm sure, I spent my youth digging through my mother's closet—she was a bit of a hippie, and so it was a sea of "tasteful" tie-dye, fringe belts, and all manner of African jewelry...including a porcupine quill necklace with really, really long quills that was fascinating, but completely unwearable, even for dress-up.

But she'd laugh at me now, because I find myself obsessed with things of that ilk (if slightly pared down). First, I was solely focused on the hand-dyed porcupine quill jewelry of Bob Tailfeathers, a Native American artist from Browning, Montana, who sells his stuff at the Glacier Lodge gift shops. But now I've shifted my interest to the undyed variety. And I'm not alone: Pamela Love and Kristen Elspeth are both getting into the game. Do you guys think it works, or is it still too intense?

You might remember Elise Loehnen from her long stint on staff at Lucky—these days, she lives in Venice, California with her husband and cats and edits the shopping site Beso.com. She also writes our Web Obsessions section in the magazine.


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