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Lucky Stars: Alexa Chung in Anna Sui

Not that many things are hard when you're both tall and coat hanger-y slim, except, maybe, finding little dresses that aren't also inappropriately short.

No one—not even the impossibly nonplussed Alexa Chung—likes walking while doing that scoop-under move with each futile gust of wind or sitting down to dinner to have a sliver of bare butt graze the banquet leather. Thankfully, a romper makes those constant readjustments and precautions a little moot, letting you defend your decency while still showing a lot of leg.

It's a win-win for tall and slender girls who have to hunt for small size dresses that aren't shockingly short, which might be a teeny part of why Alexa looked so charmingly casual in the Anna Sui romper she wore earlier this week. But the larger part is how she wore it: with sleeves (to avoid looking like a towel-wrapped actress in a Noxema commercial) and without heels (to avoid looking like a try-hard Pussycat Doll). Wearing it that way, we think, would make a romper look good on any girl, regardless of body type.

Alexa did both of those things, and better yet, played up the kitschy, cheeky aspect of the romper with the perfect, sorta silly accessory: Charlotte Olympia kitty flats. Below, we recreate her look just in time for those annoyingly hot August days, when all you really want to wear is a simple romper and nothing else—if only you had a template for how to do it right.

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