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Lucky Stars: Lady Gaga Shops in Colorful Coats

If only I spent my lunch hour yesterday taking a walk around the neighborhood instead of watching Solange's Madewell video and shopping J.Crew's sale! Apparently, while I was lost in the fashion interwebs here at Times Square, Lady Gaga was not far away, shopping on Madison Avenue. Now that's a sighting worth falling behind on work for.

Fortunately for me—and all other New Yorkers who eat at their desks—there was lots of higher-than-iPhone-quality photos taken during her spending spree. As one would expect, the pop star went pants-less, but not in her usual torn up fishnets with a leotard way. Instead, she wore flamboyantly colored outerwear (she changed from a purple to pink coat after leaving Giorgio Armani) over opaque tights and platform mary janes. Completing the my-size Barbie doll look was her very blonde beehive wig and over-sized flower barrette.

The clothes were totally impractical for the 80 something degree weather but, compared to Mother Monster's usual outfits, relatively tame. And I think that people who aren't Anna Dello Russo can wear it in regular life, too. Or, at least, regular life in five months. Click through the slideshow below to see both her ensembles and shop similar pieces for yourself.


Gaga started her retail adventure looking regal in a royal purple coat. Click through to shop her look.

Santi/Splash News


After visiting Giorgio Armani, the singer emerged wearing her purchase of a hot pink chubby and matching handbag. Click through to shop her look.