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Make Room For Fashion: Transitional Dressing

It’s still hot and humid in NYC and yet my mind keeps wandering to fall. I’m getting a little bored of my summer clothes and sandals and, though I know I will regret ever having said this come January, I think I’m ready for a change of season. The down coats and heavy winter sweaters can stay right where they are in storage boxes above my closet, but I kind of miss my skinny jeans and flats.

Today I came across an adorable, feminine Ella Moss top that was exactly what I would consider a perfect transitional piece. It’s something I could wear today in the “lovely” 90 degree heat with a skirt and wedges, in September with my skinny jeans and flats, and in the winter under sweaters and cardigans. Multi-use, multi-season pieces make me feel like I’m getting some bang for my buck, as well as using my shopping time more efficiently. (Any parent knows that free time to shop goes out the window with a little one, so the more uses you can get out of your purchases, the better.)

But what about the summer clothes we already have? Fortunately, floral prints are everywhere at the moment. I plan to keep my spring dresses around little longer by adding tights or boots and a cardigan when the temperatures drop. And I’ll pair my dark jeans with bright summer accessories, such as jewelry and bags, to ensure a smooth and colorful transition into fall.

To all you busy, stylish moms out there: what are you most excited about wearing, buying, eying for the fall? Tweet me @nicolaruiz.

With lace detail at the collar and sleeves, you could wear this feminine Ella Moss top with jeans to a playdate, then throw on a blazer and heels and you’re ready for a meeting.

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