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Make Room For Fashion: Work Wear

This week I’m going back to work, officially, for the first time since my son was born. Although I’ve been freelancing for some time now, that kind of work doesn’t require a dress code. (In other words, I can write in my PJ’s if I want to!) But now I’ll be teaching at a university, so I have to look respectable. It got me thinking about my stylish working mom friends and how they manage to do all that they do: make breakfast, get the kids dressed and out the door to school, all the while getting themselves ready and fabulous for work.

When I asked some of my most stylish busy mom friends to tell me their favorite, most versatile work wear items, the simple dress was hands down the most popular choice.

“I can't be thinking about matching tops and bottoms,” says Elisa, my Wall Street power broker friend. “So when I’m in a hurry, the dress is my go-to.” In the winter, she pairs a knee length dress with tights and boots. And on casual days, she swears by Helmut Lang draped jersey tees paired with a long cardigan and AG jeans.

Fashion exec Kimberly says that she too is currently in dress mode. “As a busy working mom, I need clothes to be easy, and a great day dress always looks polished,” she says, but it’s the shoes that allow her to transition smoothly from VP to VIP when she picks up her children from school. “I often run to the park with my kids after work so I simply change from my heels to my ballet flats at the end of the day.”

It’s the accessories that make or break an office outfit, and financial consultant Diana says, “I like to dress up my simple black cap-sleeve scoop-neck dress from Banana Republic with a scarf, belt or necklace to make it more professional.”

Meanwhile, another fashion exec friend, Jeanette, says her Helmut Lang black blazer seals the deal every time. “It fits great and it’s always the perfect piece to make any look current.” And I have to agree, the HL blazer is modern, edgy and professional.

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