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Miu Miu Movie: 'It's Getting Late'

The latest installment from Miu Miu's "Women's Tales" film series, "It's Getting Late", just premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The footage was screened along with three accompanying mini-movies that were released earlier this year, including one of our favorites, "The Woman Dress."

Like the other shorts, "It's Getting Late," is inspired by women and the experiences and situations they encounter. It starts by introducing us to five ladies from diverse backgrounds. Each one is featured separately as she gets dressed (in Miu Miu, obviously) for an evening out. Then, four of them find their way to the same nightclub where they've gathered, at different tables, to watch the fifth one sing. During the dramatic performance, the camera pans across each of the cast's candlelit faces before the screen fades to black.

Watch it yourself below.

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