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More Photos of Lindsay Lohan in Liz & Dick, Revealed!

By now, you're probably aware that Lindsay Lohan is playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime's upcoming biopic of the late actress, Liz & Dick. Back in June, we shared an early photo of LiLo in Liz mode—and now, Lifetime's offered us a few more images of the actress diving into the role.

In one, we see Lindz-as-Liz getting married to Richard Burton—for the first of the two times the pair would tie the knot, of course. Then, there's a look at Lohan channeling Taylor in full Cleopatra mode: winged eyeliner, blunt-cut bangs and all. Finally, we see Lindsay in a moment of introspection, framed by paparazzi.

Both Lindsay's professional and personal lives have been troubled lately, to say the least. Do you think her starring role in Liz & Dick could mark the beginning of her Hollywood comeback? And more importantly, do you think the 26-year-old can pull off playing one of the most storied actresses of all time?

Courtesy of Lifetime

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