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Nancy Botwin's Best Looks

It’s hard to believe Showtime’s hit series Weeds is now in its eighth and final season. We’ve watched the Botwin family and their unshakable tag-alongs (Doug, occasionally Celia, etc.) travel from their original home in Agrestic, to Ren-Mar, Mexico, a trailer park, Michigan, prison, New York City, and finally, Connecticut.

While in their seemingly endless on-the-run state of mind, the Botwin clan has always found a way to maintain their illegal family business—selling weed. Nancy Botwin, the flawed (to say the least) mother character played by Mary-Louis Parker, has dealt with drug dealers, served three years behind bars, and survived a bullet to her head—and she’s done it all in fantastic style.

Nancy’s fashion is far from conventional, but the soccer-mom-turned-drug-dealer can pull almost anything off. She’s most likely to be caught in a pair of faded jeans and tee, or a slinky dress. Her easy-going uniform is almost always accompanied by one of her two favorite accessories—an iced coffee or a can of Diet Coke. And we can't forget the jean or leather jacket, paired with killer heels or cowboy boots.

Click through to look back at Nancy's outfits from some of the show's most intense and memorable moments.

Weeds, Season 1 Episode 5: Lude Awakening

Nancy's black jacket adds an edge to her simple jeans-and-tank outfit, which she wore to Heylia's home to pick up some "goods" and experienced her first drive-by shooting.

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