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Net-A-Porter's New Lookbook Feature Is Sorta Major

Net-a-Porter introduced a new feature today that could change the way its most avid customers shop.

Called the Lookbook, it's a bit like those "Wish List" or "My Favorites" sections of shopping sites, but with one big difference: users can not only dog ear currently available items they want to buy, but the site's upcoming stock, too. When a tagged item becomes available, you get an email notification. (See a couple of things tagged in my own Lookbook in the mini screenshot at left. How good is the Carven striped jacket?)

While not every item Net-a-Porter's selling in the next few months is on the Lookbook, many are. And that's major. Previously, the best way to keep up with Net-a-Porter's offerings was to stalk its new arrivals on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays—which will still be fun, but a little less necessary.

Thanks to Lookbook's crystal ball into future arrivals, shoppers should be able to make more informed decisions in the present, no longer holding off on purchases while wondering if a slightly better version will arrive later (like a different color in those Isabel Marant wedge sneakers). The more information the better, we think, and that's why we love Net-a-Porter's Lookbook—it won't help your budget, but it will help you figure out where exactly to steer it.

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