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Penelope and Coco's Fall 2012 Lookbook Offers Great Street Style Tips

Those who aspire to street style fame should take cues from Penelope and Coco's fall 2012 lookbook. Candidly posing in artfully disheveled outfits, its model has that elusive I'm-leaving-one-really-cool-place-to-head-to-another vibe about her that would attract every Satorialist wannabe within 10 miles. It also helps that she's wearing really amazing shoes in every single shot.

Described by designer Marisa Spinella as, "modern grunge sophistication," all the featured footwear looks like one-off finds, purchased after hours of digging at a SoCal flea market. Luckily, you don't need to work nearly that hard—the pieces are available on the brand's website now. Which leaves plenty of time to start scouting locations for your big blog debut.

Visit Penelopeandcoco.com to shop them all now and click through below to see the accompanying campaign.