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Pre-Shark Week Manicures: The Week We've Been Waiting For

Shark Week starts on the Discovery Channel August 12—we've seen the trailer and IT'S A NAIL BITER!

Speaking of nail biters...what better way to honor of the 25th anniversary of our very favorite oceanic adventure since Jaws then with some festive nail art! Lucky's entertainment director, Laura Morgan, and I hit nail art hotspot Valley Nails for some Shark Week-themed manicures. I went with an open-mouth shark paired wtih a bloody nail. Laura's more tasteful rendition of Jaws is accompanied by shark teeth-French mani tips. We did great.

Set your DVR for 9 PM on August 12 and #SHOWUSYOURTIPS!

My mani uses China Glaze 'Midnight Mission' paired with my little shark guy.

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